Zarathos was the demon that Mephisto used to posses Johnny Blaze and create the Ghost Rider. At first, Blaze had control over the form, but Zarathos began to assert more and more control, although he was ultimately controlled by Blaze's subconscious.

  • His name was first mentioned by Mephisto in response to a wager made by Azmodeus. [1]
  • Ghost Rider became aware of his true identity when Nightmare appeared to Ghost Rider and told him of his past – how he was brought to the mortal plane by K'Nutu and was worshipped by many people, but through subterfuge by Mephisto (who used Centurious as a pawn) his powers were nullified, he was defeated by Mephisto and turned into a mere servant. [2]
  • After defeating Centurious near the town of Holly, Zarathos was sent into the Soul Crystal by the Sin Eater so he could continue his fight against Centurious. [3]
  • After being trapped in the Soul Crystal, he was briefly freed by the Beyonder in order to torment Spider-Man because of a bet between Mephisto and the Beyonder. [4]
  • He later somehow escaped the Soul Crystal to become a foe of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons. He joined forces with (and impregnated) the demon mother Lilith.
  • However, During a recent "Revelations" story arc Mephisto and some angels claimed that Blaze was in fact possessed by an angel, a "Power of the Sixth Choir" sent by Zadkiel to protect Johnny Blaze's soul from the Faustian pact he had made with the Devil, in answer to Roxanne Simpson's prayers. How this relates to Zarathos and his backstory is unclear. [5]
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