Centurious is a man without a soul and an ancient foe of Zarathos.

Back in ancient times, Centurious was a man whose beloved was stolen by the followers of Zarathos as a sacrifice. Calling on Mephisto for help, Centurious gave up his soul and confronted Zarathos. Since Centuriois now had no soul, Zarathos was unable to use the soul-searing hellfire on him and this caused his followers to momentarily doubt. Mephisto used this moment of doubt to defeat and enslave Zarathos. As for Centurious, he was able to save his love, but being without a soul and unable to love, he left her and wandered the earth for ages; the loss of his soul also made him immortal. [1]

In modern times, he first confronted [[Ghost Rider] after tormenting and kidnapping Old Adam, a friendly old guy who helped Blaze out. As he walks away, Blaze notices that wherever Centurious walks, the vegetation dies. When Blaze finds him, Centurious shows off his macabre collection of historical people that he keeps around as soulless slaves. He then tries to steal Blaze's soul, but instead he unleashes Ghost Rider. He runs off and tries to use the Soul Crystal, but instead they get into a pitched battle. Old Adam sets the house on fire and Blaze takes off with Red Fowler (who shows up in the midst of the battle looking for Blaze). The house burns down, but Centurious survives. [2]

After resting for awhile, he gave the preacher known as the Sin Eater the power to send souls into the Soul Crystal as part of a ploy to trick Blaze into coming to the town of Holly with Roxanne Simpson. There he fought and defeated Ghost Rider and enslaved Blaze's soul. However, a weakened Ghost Rider managed to smash the Soul Crystal in half, freeing the souls trapped inside. The Soul Crystal resealed itself with Centurious now trapped inside. Zarathos, ever lusting for vengeance allowed Sin-Eater to send him into the crystal as well, trapping both Zarathos and Centurious inside. After that Mephisto took the Crystal so he could amuse himself by watching them both battle in torment. [3]

Later, both Centurious and Zarathos escaped the Soul Crystal and became foes of the Dan Ketch Ghost Rider, though how they escaped was never fully explained.

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