The Bounty Hunter is a man dressed in black who rides a black horse and tracks down people and kills them in the service of Mephisto or Satan. His weapon is a shotgun that shoots Hellfire (Blaze uses a similar weapon later in his career).

Character HistoryEdit

  • In his first appearance, he shoots an unnamed man and then looks at a poster with Blaze's face on it.[1]
  • He then hangs out in an alley outside of Dr. Strange's place, scaring a few cops while he waits for Ghost Rider to emerge. [2]
  • After the battle with Dormammu is over, he chases Ghost Rider down and manages to knock him out, thus capturing him. [3]
  • He takes Ghost Rider to Last Chance, Nevada. There, in true super-villain tradition, reveals his entire history. He was an immoral old west bounty hunter named Haskil. He was killed by the brother of one of his victims. Hell looked a lot like a bar, and the bartender offered him a chance at life if he would be Hell's bounty hunter[4]. All he had to do was bring in fifty souls without any failure. Of course, he fails with Blaze and so is reclaimed by Hell.[5] (GR1 32).


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