Blade is a vampire hunter whose mother was killed by a vampire (Deacon Frost) while giving birth. Initially, his only powers were some enhanced reflexes and an immunity to vampire bites, but since being bitten by Morbius, he has become more vampiric in nature. Now, he has nearly all the strengths of a vampire and, except for a mild bloodlust, none of their weaknesses. His connection to Ghost Rider comes from his membership in The Nine, the Nightstalkers, and the Midnight Sons.

Important story lines during the Ghost Rider eraEdit

During the time vampires were temporarily banished from the earth by the Montesi formula, Blade formed Borderline investigative services with Frank Drake and Hannibal King. They spend most of their time dealing with Darkholders. In one nasty episode, Blade's girlfriend Safron was kidnapped by some Darkholders who made her up to look like a vampire in order to fool Blade into thinking they have created new vampires,causing him to kill her. Blade saw through this façade and defeated that particular cult of Darkholders. [1]


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