There are at least two people named Angel that have encountered the Ghost Rider.

Warren Worthington IIIEdit

Also known as Archangel, a member of the X-Men, X-Force, and the Champions.

  • He first encountered Ghost Rider when they both joined the Champions. [1]
  • At one point, while out driving with Candy, Ghost Rider chased Angel down for no reason other than that Blaze was upset and feeling lonely. Ghost Rider challenged him to a race, gave him a dose of hellfire and put Angel in the hospital. This prompts the Avengers to chase Ghost Rider down. [2]
  • As a member of the Defenders, he runs into Blaze after Blaze has been freed of Zarathos. Though he was injured at the time, he greeted Blaze warmly and offered Blaze a job as his mechanic, but Blaze refuses. However, he does lend Blaze some money. [3]


  • Angel was also the name of a member of the Cypress Pool Jokers who was killed by Blackout while being interrogated over the location of some important canisters. [4]


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