Al is the name given to several people who have come into contact with the Ghost Rider.

  • Another Al had several cohorts named Jerry, Joe, Paul and Porter. They were criminals pursued by Ghost Rider. Escaping into a farmhouse, they discover Azaziah the Crimson Mage, who enlists them in his plan to defeat Ghost Rider. They then lead Ghost Rider into a mystical trap, where Blaze and the demon are separated. [2]. After Azaziah is defeated, Ghost Rider tracks Al and his cohorts down and gives them a dose of hellfire.[3].
  • A third Al was an explosives expert who (with a friend named Fred) cleared a boulder from a road that was going to be used for a cross country motorcycle race. The blast unexpectedly awakened the Sirens of Kronos. Their beautiful singing casts a spell on him and Fred, and they crash their truck and begin walking toward where the Sirens are.[4].


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